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Latte Poles 2.2m | Bundle of 10

Uniqwa Collections

Regular price$129.00 Sale price

Latte Poles 2.2m | Bundle of 10

Uniqwa Collections

Regular price$129.00 Sale price
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Uniqwa Latte Poles have been stripped and kiln-dried to bring them back to their natural, earthy aesthetic. If left untreated and exposed to the elements, the poles will naturally weather and patina over time, gradually changing to a beautiful silvery grey colour.

Our latte poles have a TanE treatment, making them suitable for full outdoor above-ground use.

Uniqwa latte poles are sold in three different finish options depending on your desired look. In a raw finish, or if you would like our team to enhance the finish, you can choose a high-pressure, water-blasting finish or a fully sanded finish.

Please see the images for a representation of the different options for the finished look.

Latte Poles in their natural form do not have a classified fire rating; optional treatment with a Class A fire retardant may be sourced externally. 


Length: 215-225cm

Diameter: 2.5cm-5cm

On average, 23 poles cover a meter, with the exact number depending on pole thickness and the preferred gap. This allows clients to adjust spacing as desired and a visually appealing solution suitable for any application. 

Specifications & Information

Uniqwa Latte Poles are sustainably sourced, selectively hand-harvested, premium plantation Eucalyptus latte poles.

Australian law protects native Tea Trees from being harvested. We source our premium Eucalyptus Latte Poles from a South African plantation for sustainability and quality purposes. Eucalyptus is not on The International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.

Uniqwa Latte Poles are treated to Australian standards.

Uniqwa Eucalyptus Latte Poles are a sustainable & ecological alternative to tropical hardwoods and Tea Tree poles.

The wood used in this product is sustainably harvested Eucalyptus Tree rather than the Tea Tree, due to the scarcity, environmentally sensitive nature & harvesting restrictions of Australian grown Tea Tree sticks.

Botanic Name: Eucalyptus Grandis, a native Australian species grown in abundance at South African plantations. 

Uniqwa Latte Poles come from South African Eucalyptus plantations. They are hand-harvested and sustainably sourced to ensure wild forests are protected.

Uniqwa Latte Poles are Kiln dried and undergo a Tan E Treatment. This sustainable, arsenic and chrome-free preservation technique make the timber elegant, durable, easy to work with, and suitable for external above-ground use.

Versatile and robust, this beautiful hardwood can be used for a full range of interior and exterior applications.

Uniqwa Latte Poles can be stained, painted, or left to reach their grey patina naturally for a low maintenance approach.

Curtain Rods: Use as decorative curtain rods for a coastal look & feel. 

Fencing: Easily mountable to fence framing to create a natural hardwood, stick fencing aesthetic around the perimeter of your backyard or garden.

Privacy Screening: Keep your neighbours from looking into your garden or backyard by using these Latte Poles as a privacy screen.

Shade Roofing: Useful as a shade roofing material in tight clusters to block out the sun. Do not use Latte Poles for structural roofing purposes.

Cladding: Used as decorative cladding for the outside of structures & installations in your garden or backyard.

Pergolas or Shade Covers: Latte Poles work great to block the sun and increase shade within an outdoor area.

Uniqwa Eucalyptus Latte Poles are a natural timber, as such a natural 'living' material.

Latte Poles will respond to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting. Your poles can experience movement and cracks as it adjusts - this is not a fault, but a natural occurrence within the fibres of a natural product. 

Latte Poles are full of character with the appearance of naturally occurring knots, and a variety of colours. Grains and knots found in wood are simply a character of timber and not a defect. 

Every Latte Pole is unique, variances in tone, veins, grain pattern, leaching, cracking and knots are to be expected.   

The natural tendency for Latte Poles is to patina beautifully into a silvery-grey look, which develops over time in natural conditions, including sunlight and moisture.

None of the above is viewed as a fault; we embrace these changes as the natural characteristics and beauty of timber. Uniqwa Collections does not offer refunds, replacements or exchanges arising from the look of the Latte Poles as described here. These are natural features that are accepted when purchasing Uniqwa Eucalyptus Latte Poles.

Drive & Collect or Delivery

CLICK & COLLECT: Order the length and number of latte pole bundles you need online, then collect your order from our warehouse in Ashmore, Gold Coast.

ORDERS REQUIRING DELIVERY: Email your order request including delivery details to

ORDERS OUTSIDE AUS: Please contact


Proudly distributed via Uniqwa Collections.

The wood used in this product is sustainably harvested Eucalyptus Trees derived from South African Eucalyptus plantations to ensure wild forests remain protected. Uniqwa Latte Poles are kiln dried and undergo a Tan E treatment, a sustainable, arsenic and chrome-free preservation technique.

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