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Tan E Preservation Treatment

Tan E Preservation Treatment (Tanalith E) is arsenic and chrome free and represents the most eco-friendly treatment available on the market. The Tan E Preservation Treatment reduces the impact on our environment thanks to the latest plant technology. 

Tan E is a waterborne preservative manufactured from recycled copper and azole biocides. This treatment is well suited to environmentally sensitive applications and close human contacts, such as handrails, decking, fencing, garden leisure, and playground timbers.  

Tan E treated Latte Poles can be specified for all above ground, in-ground and freshwater contact applications (H2 to H5), where there is a medium to high risk of fungal decay or insect attack. 

Latte Poles are treated in cylinder tanks undergoing a vacuum and pressure cycle that ensures the treatment penetrates the wood and is retained.

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The wood used in this product is sustainably harvested Eucalyptus Trees derived from South African Eucalyptus plantations to ensure wild forests remain protected. Uniqwa Latte Poles are kiln dried and undergo a Tan E treatment, a sustainable, arsenic and chrome-free preservation technique.

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