Step 1

Measure the Latte Pole against the window area to identify your desired curtain rod length. Our Latte Poles make a beautiful textured statement and look best when they’re wider than the window opening.

Step 2

To achieve a soft organic look, sand back the Latte Pole using 180 grit strength sandpaper.  Sand the length of the pole to achieve a rounded edge and to ensure all splinters are removed. If a quick process is what you’re after, you can also safely use an electric sander for this step.

Step 3

Check the weight of your Latte Pole and select the appropriate wall bracket to suit the organic shape of the Pole and your wall type.

Step 4

Hold the brackets in place against the wall and measure the preferred distance that you’d like your bracket to sit above the window opening, ensuring both brackets are evenly positioned. While holding the brackets in place, use a pencil to mark the wall with the position of the drill holes.

Step 5

Use an electric drill to fasten the screws through the bracket holes and onto the wall - securing the bracket into position.

Step 6

Hang your selected curtains across the pole and position your brand new Latte Pole curtain rod into place onto the brackets.

Step 7

Sit back, relax, and admire your new Latte Pole curtains.

Additional Tips ♡

~ For hollow plasterboard walls, use a plastic wall anchor like Wall-Mates, there will be no pre-drilling required for this installation method.

~ For mounting on masonry walls, drill with masonry drill bit, fit plastic plug and then screw in brackets.

~ If you’d prefer to finish the poles with a fresh coat of paint or stain do this after a light sanding and rounding of the edges. 


Bracket suggestions:

Metal bracket

Black brackets 

Rod brackets


Curtain suggestions:

Basix Line Curtain (as seen in the Uniqwa Showroom) 

Tie Top Sheer Curtains

Luca Linen Curtain


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