Uniqwa Latte Poles are easily mountable and straightforward to install onto solid frames to create stunning feature walls. 

Poles at 1.8m and 2.2m lengths must have two fixing points, 3.6m and 4.5m long poles require a minimum of three fixing points.

We recommend using galvanised nails or screws to fix the latte poles into wall studs. Using regular nails will introduce rust, resulting in an undesirable finish. 

If you are nailing or screwing within 50mm of the ends of the poles, it will require pre-drilling to avoid splitting.

To achieve the best visual effect, it is recommended to complete any treatments such as pressure cleaning, sanding or painting before mounting the latte poles.  

Investigate the wall structure before commencing work. Pending on the strength and wall stud availability, you may be able to mount the poles directly onto the wall, as seen here at the Uniqwa Collections showroom. Alternatively, mount the poles onto a solid frame that can be attached to the wall.