Nothing says 'coastal oasis' like a space filled with crisp white elements, lush greenery and towering palm trees, a crystal blue pool and a sandy walkway that leads to a relaxing poolside cabana. All of this and more can be found at the stunning shoot location space @shoot_location_burleigh, owned and operated by My Burleigh Reno's Alicia Curtis.

As one of Australia's most well-known home shoot locations - @shoot_location_burleigh is where artistic spirits thrive. Styled for creatives, photographers, and home renovation inspiration seekers; it is the perfect home for our Uniqwa Collections Latte Poles.   


 Inspired by her many travels to sunny tropical locations like the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bali and Far North Queensland, Alicia wanted to bring that resort feeling back home and carefully selected our eco-friendly Latte Poles to complete the look and feel of her outdoor tropical oasis. 

Alicia installed 12 bundles of Latte Poles across several spaces to elevate the finish and feeling to that of a resort-style vibe. Her first of two projects was to fix six bundles of our 4.5m, raw finished Latte Poles at a cost of $1014 to the underside of her balcony, creating a beautifully textured ceiling while also helping to hide any unappealing timber wear and tear marks. 

With a second pair of hands, Alicia carefully used a nail gun to mount the Latte Poles, measuring and cutting them accordingly with an electric saw as she went along. When installing, her biggest tip is to alternate the poles from thickest to thinnest to ensure they are tracking evenly across the space.  

The Latte Poles were purposely left in their raw state to add an organic textured look contrasting the space's white on white features. Over time in the elements raw Latte Poles will begin to transform into a beautiful silvery grey finish. This look will blend with Alicia's greyed off poolside deck.

The second project was to vertically install six bundles of the 3.6m raw finished Latte Poles at a cost of $834, to cover an existing curved timber fence and garden shed. This time, Alicia used screws to mount the poles to the existing timber fence palings, an electric sander to round the edges of the tops of each pole and finished them with a fresh coat of white paint to match the stunning nearby pool cabana.

Alicia's imagination is already wild with ideas on different ways she can use the Latte Pole offcuts; we can't wait to see what she creates next!

@my_burleigh_reno's Latte Pole installation process and space transformation!

We love seeing our Latte Poles styled in a variety of ways, from door handles to ornate wall panelling, curtain rods to styling décor. Share your Uniqwa Collections Latte Pole creations over on our Instagram page by tagging @uniqwacollections in your photos.